Палуніца (Palunytsia) Post Card


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Our Ukrainian series of postcard were designed and printed in Chernivtsi, Ukraine by a local artist during war time. Each illustration is devoted to events that are happening to people in Ukraine and how they have to cope with the new realities.
On the back of each card you’ll find an explanation of the meaning for each illustration.

Палуніца (Palunytsia) – this word is a mix of two Ukrainian words:

• Паляниця (Palianytsia) – traditional Ukrainian bread
• Полуниця (Polunytsia) – Strawberry

It emerged when Ukrainian army tried to identify the Russian partisans. They would ask Russians what’s the difference between Паляниця (Palianytsia) and Полуниця ( Polunytsia). Russians would get confused and could never pronounce it correctly.
It became some sort of password.

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