Я в калідорі (ya v kalidori) – I’m in the hallway Post Card


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Our Ukrainian series of postcard were designed and printed in Chernivtsi, Ukraine by a local artist during war time. Each illustration is devoted to events that are happening to people in Ukraine and how they have to cope with the new realities.

On the back of each card you’ll find an explanation of the meaning for each illustration.

Я в калідорі (ya v kalidori) – I’m in the hallway.

The correct word for the “hallway” ( corridor) is “korydor”. But in Ukrainian slang you can hear modified version – « Kalidor ».
Unfortunately Kalidor (hallway) became a living room in many homes in Ukraine nowadays.

Also every single family in Ukraine has « emergency bag » ready (which includes canned food, power banks, medications, warm clothes, cash and documents) in case they will have to leave home under emergency conditions.


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