December 20th | Our Progress | Ukraine

Your Support & Food Deliveries in Nova Kakhovka

With over 2.5 months of not being able to perform deliveries due to the safety of volunteers & civilians we are back with a new coordinator and distributing food & essentials. It is, and always has been, our primary goal to support people in need during this truly devastating time. We have to always look out for the safety of people living in the occupation and July thru September had been especially dangerous.

Over the last few months we have been very productive. For the period from October 24th, 2022 to November 24th, 2022 our financial distribution was: 90,000 uah ($2,461.03) and we delivered over 800 kg of food and over 20 kg of other essentials like soap, detergent, and 480 diapers for disabled children and adults. We keep pushing forward each and every day and wish to thank our volunteers because without them this would be impossible. Most of all with out you we would not have the funds to keep our team strong and deliveries flowing.  We truly thank you for all your donations.

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A few images from our deliveries:

'Ladies Night' Gloucester, MA

On December 1st, with the support of Blue River Diamonds, we were invited to be a part of Gloucester, MA annual ‘Ladies Night’ where stores in the center open late, host events, and welcome guests to shop and participate in festivities.  Neal, the owner of Blue River Diamonds, hosted a raffle and generously donated a beautiful necklace where all the proceeds went toward our cause.  We raised over $1000!  Truly amazing.  Thank you so much to all for your encouragement and support. 

Order your digital video message from Ukraine

Nadiia’s sister Anya (right) lives in Nova Kahovka, Ukraine with her husband and son. She has been living in Russian occupied Ukrainian Kherson Region since the beginning of the war February 24th 2022. She is excited to have to opportunity to focus on recording positive greetings to people so far away.

Join our Ukrainian Gift Basket Raffle

Please watch Nadiia’s video to learn more about our Ukrainian Gift basket Raffle.

Our raffle is open to any donation from now until Ukrainian Christmas January 6th 2023.  Each $5 donation adds your name to the raffle. For instance a $20 donation gives 4 chances to win.

For an additional cost we can also ship the basket to the winner anywhere in the US

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What’s in the basket?

Flower Crown

Any Flower Crown of your choice from Nadia’s Etsy store. All are hand crafted by her using artificial silk flowers and satin ribbon. You can see all of her Flower Crowns at her Etsy Store.

Roshen Chocolates

These are Chocolates from the Ukrainian most famous chocolate brand “Roshen”, and they are truly delicious.

Honey Wine

This wine is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Ukraine.  From ancient times, honey wine was considered the drink of princes, which gave cheerfulness, raised vital energy and strength of spirit.

Pine Cone Jam

This is made using small young pine cones that are collected at the end of spring. It has a pleasant coniferous aroma. In Ukraine this jam is also called pine cone honey for its healing properties.

Ukrainian Postcards

We are also including four unique postcards that were designed by a Ukrainian artist and shipped from Ukraine early in the war. On the back of each you’ll find an explanation of the meaning for each illustration.

Ukrainian Stamps

To complete the Ukrainian basket we have put a page of six famous Ukrainian stamps depicting a Russian warship that, as of 14th April 2022, only exists on this Ukrainian stamp.

Your Donations are Matched Dollar for Dollar

We also wanted to send a personal thank you again to Daniel Healey for his support of Ukraine with his Dollar for Dollar matching contribution up to $100,000 to our cause. 

Thank you again for your continued support!

Jarred & Nadiia

Ukrainian Word of the Day

Merry Christmas 
З Різдвом Христовим!

Pronunciation: Phonetic “Zh Rizdvom Khrystovim

Nova Kahovka for Life, Inc is a Non-Profit Corporation, registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All donations are tax deductible.

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