Our Progress Aug & Sept 2023

Our Tasting Event

We wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who could attend, and those who could not, to our 4th Authentic Ukrainian Food Tasting Event last month. Nadiia record a personal Thank you to everyone and also the results of our raffle.  Click each video to watch!    Jarred & Nadiia

Our Progress Aug & Sept 2023

With each day that passes, we look back to all that we have done and can’t believe all that we have accomplished. Since March 2022 we have been delivering food and essentials in tons to thousands of people throughout Nova Kakhovka Ukraine, in the middle of a war, and under Russian aggressive occupation.  

Continued Challenges

Organizing the logistics of fundraising, and distributing the necessary funds to our volunteers inside Nova Kakhovka Ukraine is always complicated and very challenging.  Each purchase inside the city has to come with a receipt and visual record of the purchase and this is not easy as our volunteers want to bag and distribute as fast as possible. Our volunteers not only have to stay off the radar of the Russian Military, as they don’t allow volunteer groups to freely distribute food, they also have to stay safe from explosions and gun fire. With that we constantly have to re-evaluate our efforts as the most important part is the safety of our volunteers. The city is very volatile every day but some days are worse than others. All we can do is push forward each and every day.

Other ways we are Helping

With your donations of much-needed clothing, medical supplies, and other essentials we have cataloged and packaged 7 large boxes, totaling over 1000lbs, and will be shipping to Ukraine next week. These donations are so important to the people in Ukraine.  We have also set up an Amazon wish list of items if you would like to purchase and ship directly to us for packaging in our next shipment.  

Amazon | Medical Supplies

Amazon | Survival Essentials

Amazon | Household Support

At a Glance: August & September 2023 Distributions

For a more in-depth report on our purchases please visit our Facebook page.

Water purified: 750 liters / 200 gallons ( 100 USD )
Grains (oat, wheat, rice, buckwheat, barley, millet) : 230 kg / 500 lbs ( 270 USD )
Pasta: 210 kg / 470 lbs ( 300 USD )
Sunflower Oil: 200 liters / 50 gallons ( 530 USD )
Beans: 100 kg / 225 lbs ( 110 USD )
Meat (canned beef, pork stew, liver pate): 80 kg / 180 lbs ( 530 USD )
Sugar: 30 kg / 60 lbs ( 50 USD )
Wheat Flour: 20 kg / 50 lbs ( 45 USD )
Tea: 20 kg / 40 lbs ( 150 USD )
Fish ( canned sprat, herring, mackerel ): 15 kg / 40 lbs ( 115 USD )
Baking yeast: 5 kg / 10 lbs ( 40 USD )
Biscuits: 10 kg / 20 lbs ( 35 USD )
Hygiene: Laundry detergent: 20 kg / 45 lbs ( 75 USD

*Every purchase made inside Nova Kahovka is confirmed with the receipt.

For those who may not be familiar, Nova Kahovka for Life, Inc. is a Newburyport MA-based nonprofit formed just after the War started in Ukraine. Both Jarred & Nadiia immediately recognized the desperation of people in Nadiia's home city of Nova Kakhovka, Ukraine, where her parents, sister and her family, close friends and their families also live. Under Russian occupation since February 2022, over 40,000 people could no longer work or use banks as everything came to a halt. People could only eat what they had in the house and desperately look for ways to survive. Jarred & Nadiia immediately started fundraising in the US, and at the same time organized volunteers inside Nova Kahovka, Ukraine to start distributing food to those in need. Using the electronic banking system funds raised locally get transferred directly to our bank account in Ukraine and are able to pay for goods to the suppliers and farms. Volunteers in Nova Kahovka Ukraine pick up the food and essentials, bag them, and deliver them to people in need. Only with people's generosity, large and small, this is possible. Together we are making a difference in people's lives trapped in Russian occupied Nova Kahovka, Ukraine.

Nova Kahovka for Life, Inc is a Non-Profit Corporation, registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All donations are tax deductible.

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