Our Progress | March 20, 2022

We first wanted to thank everyone who supports our cause. We also wanted to send a personal thank you to Daniel Healey for his support of Ukraine with his Dollar for Dollar matching contribution up to $100,000. Since his announcement on March 16th, 2022 we have been able to double the amount raised in just 4 days to $8500 thanks to his support! To date, including Daniel Healey’s matching donations, we have raised almost $40,000!! 

To date we have made 3 separate transfers totaling $25,275 to our Ukrainian bank account. Since March 7th, we have purchased over $18,000 in food, essentials and medicines locally in Nova Kahovka, 90% of this has already been delivered to people in need. We have another $7000 in the country of which $6000 is likely to be spend in the next few days on our next bulk order of staple foods and vegetables. We have another $9000 in our US bank account that will be wired tomorrow to keep ahead of the demand.   As you can see we are running low on funds to help. We are also working on publishing more detailed “on-going” information about the items we have been purchasing.  We feel this is very important so everyone has a clear picture how donations help.

Our Reach

We have increased our food deliveries to almost 1000 people in Nova Kahovka, Ukraine. Our @NovakahovkaLife Instagram page has been very successful in reaching residents of Nova Kahovka in need of food all around the city. We have also started delivering hard to get items such as baby formula and diapers as well as over-the-counter medicines as they come available.

We are also collaborating with other groups of volunteers in different parts of the city and neighboring towns to coordinate efforts to reach those in need. For example; If someone we have been delivering food to needs a medicine that we don’t have the other groups of volunteers may have it and deliver. We are doing the same for them with food and other essentials.

Each day proves more challenging than the last but we are filled with hope as more and more Ukrainian people who are capable have volunteered to help. We are also seeing people in large apartment buildings, that would rarely speak to their neighbors, reaching out to make sure everyone is ok. This is truly inspiring.

Assortment of Food Items Available

This is currently a typical bag of what we deliver. We must continue modifying the contents of the bags based on what is available for purchase. Other items not included in this photo are breads, vegetables (Onion, carrots, beets and cabbage) and cooking oil.

Nova Kahovka for Life, Inc is a Non-Profit Corporation, registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All donations are tax deductible.

Additional Donation